Student Affairs

Jan 26th

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At this meeting several more classes were approved to be entered into the work flow as completed, meaning they have transitioned from a quarter to a semester class. 

We had a lengthy discssion on the topic of college entrance requirements and if they met up with those of the university.  It seems several colleges have conflicting requirements, possibly lowert than that of the university.  As we approved conversions to "Semester style" requirements, some issues were raised, such as change of major applications and gpa requirements. Read more about Jan 26th

January Meeting

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Yesterday the council voted on a new Vice-Chair, who will serve the committee for the following year.

At the meeting the annual APR report was broken down and discussed, which is a report on the performance of the Horizon League.  Wright State has improving, but becasue we do not have all the major sports it is hard to compete for the top spot.  Currently we are in third place after fall quarter. Read more about January Meeting

1st Book Store Meeting Winter Quarter

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This meeting went very well.  A lot of things discussed dealt with end of year reviews that really do not pertain to the students.  Some information to point out is that ebook sales are on the rise. However, if you have a tablet computer do not buy the card from the bookstore and expect it to be compatible with your device.  Instead buy the book through the marketplace (Android, Iphone, Nook, etc.) on your device.  They are working to make these books along with NookStudy compatible on all devices.  However, the technology is not there just yet.   Read more about 1st Book Store Meeting Winter Quarter

Academic Committee

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At our committee meeting yesterday some concerns were brought up regarding advisors and the upcoming transition.  We have scheduled a meeting with the head of the transition steering committee to see if wwe as student government members can help close the gap of confusion in the upcoming months.  We have several ideas to go over during this meeting so be sure to check back soon for details.

  Read more about Academic Committee

Bookstore Advisory Meeting

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Yesterday, Matt and I attended the bookstore advisory meeting.  Here are a few of the topics we discussed. Read more about Bookstore Advisory Meeting


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At yesterdays meeting the committee approved several more classes top be converted from quarter sections to semester sections.  We tabled the discussion on the air science minor until next quarter as we are waiting on more information from some people on the base.  We heard a presentation from the registrar outlining a few proposed changes to the fresh start program.  The committee nixed the idea of adding a GPA threshhold, and is still discussing whether having an associates degree should exclude a student from the policy.     Read more about UCAPC

Nov 1, 2011

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Voted upon parking appeals from 2:30-4:30 with Jake Todd and a faculty member. 

Still have approximately 900 unheard appeals in the system. Read more about Nov 1, 2011

October Meeting

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This meetign had tons of enthusiasm.  With baseball and soccer season getting ready for playoffs and basketball season right around the corner, there is alot of excitement around WSU athletics right now.

Travis, from WSU's compliance department gave a short presentation on the complexities of what he does.  Spring 2011 grades and inelligable statistics were passed around to let the committee now how WSU athletes are fairing in the classroom.  We also talked about the Rinzler sports project and the pregame lecture series possibilities. Read more about October Meeting

Parking Appeals

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Jake Todd and I met with the Parking Appeals Committee last Tuesday, October 25.

We went over a review of Wright State's parking policies for both commuters and residents and then we spent the remainder of the meeting voting on appeals.

There are approximately 1100 appeals that need voted on at present so it will keep us hopping for the next few weeks. 

We established a meeting time of every Tuesday from 2:30-4:30. Read more about Parking Appeals

Parking and Transportation meeting 10/25/2011

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This week I attended the Parking and Transportation meeting. We started off the meeting with introductions, we then discussed parking regulations. Shortly after we began reviewing parking appeals and making the decisions about which appeals were worthy or being appealed and which were not. At the close of the meeting, I reminded the two faculty members about our invisible children event and gave them both Student Government planners. Read more about Parking and Transportation meeting 10/25/2011


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