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Dining Services (Oct Meeting)

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This past week, on October 20th, I attended the Dining Services Advisroy Committee meeting. In this meeting, we discussed some of their upcoming and past promotional events. We also discussed the digital screens now present in the Hangar and the advertising that will be put on there with menus. Sodexo would like us to push the use of using their "inside" catering for events on campus as money made directly benifits Wright State students. Read more about Dining Services (Oct Meeting)

Meeting Oct 11, 2011

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This meeting was a bit shorter than most.  The main thing mentioned at the meeting was how the boostore is trying to get more books on their nook study program.

-They expressed the fact that rentals have doubled since the start of this program over a year ago.

-Semesters will not change the average price students pay for the year.  The bad thing on semesters is that competition for books will increase since every college or university will be on semesters in Ohio.  

-An upcoming bookstore survey will be posted with chances to win giftcards.  Read more about Meeting Oct 11, 2011

October 10 meeting

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The beginning of the meeting was spent reviewing courses to be converted into semester programs from their current quarter layouts. Read more about October 10 meeting

UGEC Meeting 10/05/11

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The main focus for this meeting was to go over the new revisions to the ED 2100 course. The committee talked about how the title did not support what the class would be teaching, and we thought that a more appropriate title should be made. There were also some further issues with the outcomes of the course, and whether or not this class would fall into Element 5 or 3. I was able to give feedback from a student's perspective on how I would look at the course and what I felt about the unclear wording of the course outline. Read more about UGEC Meeting 10/05/11

9/29 Meeting

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The majority of the meeting was spent discussing the issue of class time blocks once the school transitions to semesters.  If you are curious as to what the time blocks were come see me, but the committee voted to recommend to the faculty senate use the adopted time blocks that were already voted upon in 2009.  
The problem arises when we switch to semesters that there will not be enough 'Large' classrooms available to teach the desired number of large classes.  The term large refers to classes 75 and over.   Read more about 9/29 Meeting

Student Legal Services

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Luke and I attended this meeting for Paul and Zack, who are the normal representatives assigned to this committee.

Student Legal Services is looking for student representation on an advisory board that promotes the use of the service offered as well as appropriates funds from a discretionary account to be used for programming, outreach and scholarships. Read more about Student Legal Services

UGEC Report 9/21/11

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We went over the revised ED 2100 course outline for the semester switch. The committee asked that one more revision be made with the new input that was mentioned during the meeting. We established when would be good to hold meetings and that our main focus would be to make sure that the semester courses are following the outline that was made. Read more about UGEC Report 9/21/11


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