Student Government Member Office Hours

Students are welcome to visit the Student Government office (029H Student Union) on weekdays from 9:00am-5:00pm. The times listed below are the scheduled office hours of each Student Government member. Student Government members will also be in the office at various additional unscheduled time.



Scheduled In-Office Hours

Director of Student Affairs


Graduate Senator


Director of Public Relations


Residential Senator


Secretary of the House


Lake Campus Senator


Assistant Speaker of the House


Associate of Veteran's Affairs


Speaker of the House


Director of International Affairs


Associate of Athletics


Commuter Senator


Director of Internal Affairs


Director of Disability Affairs


Associate of International Affairs


College of Engineering and Computer Science


Chief Justice


Raj Soin College of Business


Associate of Web Communications


College of Professional Psychology Senator


Chief of Staff


College of Science and Mathematics Senator


Associate Chief Justice


College of Nursing and Health Senator


Vice President


Director of Academic Affairs


Associate Chief Justice


Education and Human Services Senator



Kyle Powell Thursday 10am - Noon

Boonshoft School of Medicine Senator


Associate of Campus Culture


Director of Campus Culture


College of Liberal Arts Senator


University College Senator



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