Week 8 Report

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Almost time for exams, hope everyone is studying hard!

During the past week I attended a few committee meetings, and I encourage you to check out all of the committee reports on the website.

More specifically I have been working on ideas to prepare students for the upcoming transition to semesters.  This week I will be meeting with Dr. Dregalla, Charles Long and Dan Bertsos to brainstorm ideas to have advising help in the residence areas.  There has been very low MAP particiaption, which is OK, as long as everyone is seeing their academic advisor.  Read more about Week 8 Report

International Report

Speaker of the House: Week 8 Report!

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I took the past week thinking about how quickly we have gotten to week 7, and now it is week 8. Since I throughly waisted my time, I think i'll be more productive this week :P

But in all seriousness, I have been working a great deal on my Transition Binder/info for the next Speaker of the House. Speaking of which, I will be working on the Speaker/Asst. Speaker applications this next week. We will be releasing the applications at the HOR meeting on 2/29...more information to come. Read more about Speaker of the House: Week 8 Report!


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