CEHS report 10/11/11

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This past week has been a busy one for me. I met with Chris Murphy, one of our assistant deans, to go over the projects that I am currently working on ( the Facebook page and the Newsletter). He made suggestions on how to improve these, but was fully supportive. Chris also gave me a lot of information that is going on the the CEHS, particularly within the advising office. He also talked to me about projects that he is working on, which I said that I would be more than willing to help him out with. Read more about CEHS report 10/11/11

Week 5 living on campus

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This past week, I attended the House of Reps meeting. I also met with Brandy and Abby to plan a meet and greet day in November. I also attended the cardboard boat race and saw adam take our team to victory. I was also present at the homecoming dance and RCA's casino night. This past thursday was RCA's first general assembly meeting. I got to meet some representative to all of the community councils and share my contact information and discuss what student government has already been doing for them this year. Read more about Week 5 living on campus

Director of Disability Affairs Report

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It's time again for another report. While I  attended the meetings I spoke about in my last report, I also spent a little bit of time last week working on my next big project at Wright State. This is the Abilities Expo. It will be held Monday, February 27, 2012, in the Apollo Room from 8 AM until 5 PM. We hope to team up with the Acess Center of Greater Dayton to help with the Abilities Expo. This week I did all the work necessary to get the Apollo Room and get the event approved, which it was! Read more about Director of Disability Affairs Report

Commuter Report

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It has been a ridiculously busy week! UCIE's Study Abroad Fair was an exciting time for Luke and I to talk to students about traveling to China and Costa Rica. There is a meet and greet in the works for the end of October, plus more preparation for the Invisible Children screening on October 25th. Student Government's Game Night was a lot of fun-props to Galen for putting it all together! Homecoming festivities were a lot of fun- hopefully the school spirit I saw this week will carry over for the rest of the year. Read more about Commuter Report

Director of Disability Affairs Report

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I spent much of last week running Culture Shock, making last minute preparations for the event, and planning meetings for this week. I wanted to have something more concrete to report, before posting a report. After going to most of those meetings I have a lot of updates for students who have come to me with questions and/or seeking support. Read more about Director of Disability Affairs Report

DoPR Report 10/4/11

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Today I had a meeting with Paul, Nick, Com and Marketing and the head of the Student Union regarding the atrium-revamp project that will be occuring in the near future. Additionally, I have begun working on the Student Government bulletin board as well as developing the SG newsletter that will be distributed at the end of the month from this month on. I have also begun the initial R&D process for the new SG t-shirt.  Read more about DoPR Report 10/4/11


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